Make Nursery® water an essential for your baby

Like diapers and wipes, Nursery® water is a quintessential baby essential. Discover our line of products for infants and toddlers, safe water for baby and peace of mind for parents.

Nursery® Water Products

Pick the Nursery® water that best fits your needs. Available with or without added fluoride, Nursery water comes in economical 1- and 2.5-gallon bottles.

two 1-gallon and one 2.5-gallon

1 Gallon with Added Fluoride

Nursery® water's original formula comes meticulously purified with the optimal level of fluoride added.

1 Gallon without Added Fluoride

Like its fluoridated friend, our 1 gallon without fluoride is purified by steam distillation, restoring the drinking water to its simplest form: H2O.

2.5-Gallon with Added Fluoride

Our easy-pour spout and fridge-friendly design give parents even more to love. Available with fluoride.

Using Nursery® Water

Specially designed for infants and toddlers, Nursery® water is the brand that grows along with baby's needs.

Mix It

bottle of baby formula

Add it to formula, stir it into cereal and use it to dilute juices.*

Drink It

sippy cup

Pour Nursery® water into sippy cups to keep your toddler hydrated. Straight-up Nursery water is safe for babies over 6 months.*

Love It

smiling baby face

Complete peace of mind and total convenience – what's not to love?

*Nursery water is not sterile. Use Nursery water as directed by a physician and follow the use instructions found on the infant formula product label. When using Nursery water follow good hygiene practices to preserve its quality. When using Nursery water in preparing infant formula or cereal, first add Nursery water to the bottle or bowl, replace the bottle cap, and then add powdered formula or cereal. After opening, refrigerate and use within 7 days.
**Consult your pediatrician regarding when and what amount of water your baby should drink.

Purified through steam distillation

Nursery® isn't just any water; it's purified through steam distillation to remove impurities. Our rigorous standards begin with filtration to remove contaminants, followed by steam distillation to remove any remaining impurities. Then we add an infusion of ozone to remove any remaining bacteria. Thorough? Of course. Particular? You bet. It's what sets us apart and gives parents the confidence of knowing they're giving baby the best.

Multi-Barrier Filtration

Eliminates contaminants, impurities and microscopic particles to purify water.

Steam Distillation

Removes all the remaining impurities by reducing water to its simplest form, H2O.


Disinfects the water.


By independent, third-party organizations and Nursery® water's own quality audits ensure compliance with applicable state and federal bottled water regulations.

Fluoride and your child

Unclear about the benefits of drinking water with added fluoride? The American Dental Association supports the Department of Health and Human Services' recommendation to set the optimal level of fluoridated water at 0.7 parts per million (ppm).1 Nursery® water contains a fluoride level of up to 0.7 ppm.1,2

For those who may be concerned about fluoride levels, Nursery also provides a drinking water without added fluoride. Ask your doctor which one is right for your baby.

1 "ADA Applauds USPHS Final Recommendation on Optimal Fluoride Level in Drinking Water", 2 While the ADA and Department of Health and Human Services discuss intake levels of fluoride in drinking water, these organizations do not sponsor, approve, certify or endorse Nursery® water.
baby drinking from bottle

Trusted by parents for more than 70 years.

Thank you, Dr. Herman Bundesen, for helping create Nursery® water back in 1948. As the Director of Chicago's Heath Department, Dr. Bundesen was concerned about the purity of municipal drinking water being used to mix with baby formula. Thus, Nursery water was born.

Since our beginnings, Nursery water has been held to the highest standards. We are honored to have played a role in the healthy growth of more than seven decades of children and are deeply grateful to the adults that continue to pass down the Nursery water tradition to their kids today.

mother holding baby